Monday, November 18, 2013

The Apple or the Chocolate Cake and an ' AH HA' moment!

During a healing circle on Saturday morning, a familiar message came through as part of a much longer message. 

God was talking about the need to raise our vibrations so that we could have a deeper connection to the Divine.  The higher our vibration, the more we would be able to connect to the Source of All That Is.  He said we have an opportunity to raise our vibration each time we make a choice.  When a choice presents itself, there is always a higher and a lower vibrational option.  By making choices that are of the higher vibration more often than the lower vibration, our vibrations will inevitably rise.

The example He used was the choice between an apple and a piece of chocolate cake.  He said that the apple was obviously the higher vibrational choice, as it was natural, filled with tons of nutrients and fiber, and would not only help to fill us up, but help us to release all the old 'crap' that was hanging around in our systems!  (God does have a sense of humor!)

The chocolate cake, on the other hand, might taste better and have a stronger pull for us emotionally, but if we chose the chocolate cake too often, we'd end up with more inches on our hips and have less chance of resolving the issues that were making us choose the chocolate cake to begin with.   He also said that sometimes our desire for the chocolate cake would be greater than our desire to make a higher vibrational choice, and when that happened, we should enjoy the cake and not engage in self-recrimination.  Rather, we should applaud ourselves for being aware that we did have a choice, and that we made an intentional choice when we chose the cake. Simply by recognizing that we had a choice, rather than eating by default, the eating of the cake would become a higher vibrational choice than it would have been without that insight.  He also said that the more frequently we chose the apple, the easier it would be to choose the apple again next time.

As I said at the beginning, this isn't the first time this message has been delivered during a healing circle.  But as I was playing a video game that I have on my phone called Crystal Caverns a day or so after the circle, I had an 'AH HA' moment that helped me understand, in a very visual way, just how important those higher vibrational, conscious choices are in the grand scheme of things.

In the video game, the object is to match three or more crystals of the same color. When the match is made, it causes those matched crystals to disappear, and the rest of the crystals then fall into the spaces that are emptied.  As you continue to make matches, you score points, and when the needed number of points is reached for that level, you move on to the next level.  Obviously, the object is to make it to each successively higher level.

Matching the crystals requires making choices.  Often times there are several possible moves that will allow me to make a match of three or more.  I have to choose which move to make.  As I was playing the game, and making choices, the message about the apple and the chocolate cake came into my head, and I was suddenly very aware of how the other crystals shifted as the matched crystals disappeared.  It's a timed game, so I have to make my choices quickly and can't give them a whole lot of thought, so most times I'm not even thinking about what else might happen when I choose to match the crystals that I do. 

Sometimes when I matched three crystals, the only crystals that disappeared were the ones that I purposely matched.  But their disappearance realigned the other crystals on the board and made another match possible.  Sometimes I made a choice, and as I was making that choice, realized that another match would also be made, and I'd watch as both sets of crystals disappeared, again causing a realignment of the other crystals.  Other times, I'd make a match without any awareness of the other crystals that would be affected, and entire blocks of crystals would disappear, as they fell into alignment in the cleared spaces.  And of course, as they disappeared, new choices and opportunities presented themselves.

As I watched this happen time after time, it occurred to me that this is exactly what happens each and every time I am presented with a choice in my life!  I make a choice, I take action, and then other things happen as a result of that choice.  And each choice that I make changes the configuration of the rest of the pieces of my life, allowing other opportunities (consequences) to present themselves. 

As thinking beings, when we make a choice, we most often attempt to ferret out what the consequences of that choice will be before we ever make it, wanting to make the choice that will serve us best.   Just like when I made a choice in the game. I wanted to make a choice that would match enough of the crystals to make them disappear.  Sometimes I was aware that my choice would affect more than one set of crystals, but sometimes, more often in fact, I was almost clueless as to how impactful my choice would be.  And I would be absolutely delighted when my choice to match three crystals caused an entire block of them to disappear.

So when in life I have to choose between the apple and the chocolate cake, each choice comes with its own set of consequences.  Some I'm completely aware of, and others are beyond my knowing, because the action of choosing has set other things in motion that I cannot see, or even begin to imagine. Just like an intention to match three crystals can cause a shift that enables an entire block to disappear.

Each time I make a choice, I set the Universe in motion to make other things happen that are similar in vibration.  A lower vibrational choice attracts other experiences of a like vibration, and higher vibrational choices do the same!  The more choices I make of a like vibration, the more likely I am to attract an entire block of similar vibrational experiences.  How many times have I heard people say, myself included,  "Geez, I'm really on a losing streak here. It's one bad thing after another!  What did I do to deserve this?"  Or "Wow! I'm really lucky! One good thing after another!"  (And then, of course, we often hear people say, "I better not say that too loud. I   might jinx it!")

This isn't a new concept for me by any means.  But seeing those crystals falling away the way they did, was a very powerful image to help me see just how important it is for me to make the best possible choice each and every time.  Because when I do, I empower the Universe to put things in place for me that I can't even begin to imagine.

I'm going to work on choosing the apple more often, and I'm also going to allow myself to more fully enjoy the chocolate cake when I intentionally choose it.  So I'm hoping the next time you see me, my hips will be smaller and my vibration even higher!