Saturday, January 18, 2014

Divine Synchronicities

A couple of weeks ago, actually, it was Saturday, January 4, the morning of my first float session, I went to a women's meeting at the church.  This is a monthly meeting on the first Saturday, and they usually do some kind of activity, or have a guest speaker.  I'd gone to my first one in December, and had decided that I would attend a couple of more and see if they had value for me. 

When I got the email reminder for the meeting, the notice said we would be making vision boards, and my first reaction was, 'okay, that clinches it, I'm not going.'  (If you're not familiar with vision boards, they became wildly popular following the movie, The Secret.  In the movie we were encouraged to cut out pictures of the things we wanted to have in our lives and paste them on a board of some kind, and then as we focused our intentions on that board, the Universe would bring those things to us.)  I'm not big on cutting and pasting, and I think part of me just didn't want anyone else to see/know what was going on in my mind at that point. 

But two days before the meeting, during my spiritual practice, I not only heard the message, "You need to go for the connections." but I also heard I was to offer to lead the heart chakra exercise I've been using in my own groups to help all of us attending the

women's group to have a deeper experience as we worked on our vision boards.  

"Really, God?" I thought.  "Are you kidding?  I'm new to these meetings, a stranger to most of these women, and you think they're going to let me to do this?"  God's response was: "No harm in offering!"

So I emailed the group leader but got no response. Hah!  They're not interested, I thought.  And to God, I said, "See, I told you so!"  I'm sure She was smiling down on me, smugly, of course, knowing I didn't have the whole picture.

I did what I was told to do, and went to the meeting. As soon as the group leader saw me, she rushed over.  "Did you get my email?" she asked.  "No, I didn't." I responded, with a sinking feeling in my stomach.  "I'd love for you to do the chakra exercise. It fits perfectly in the schedule." she said.

Okay, so much for my 'I told you so' to God!  So I did my part and lead the exercise (It brought some people to tears.), and then we started in on our vision boards.  I picked a table where no one else was sitting and began leafing through the magazines on the table, cutting out words and images that called to me.  Two others joined me, and as we chatted, I continue to do what I was supposed to do.  I admit, I really didn't put a whole lot of energy into it. 

All that sorting through and cutting out took a lot of time, and since we only had two hours for the whole meeting, most of us didn't complete our boards.  Mine was really only a pile of pages that I'd torn out of the magazines and placed in a pile on top of my piece of poster board, intending later to cut out the specific images and words that I wanted to use.  When it came time to leave, I was tempted to just heave the whole pile into the trash, but afraid that someone would see me, I decided I'd take it home with me and trash it there.  I was pretty sure I wasn't going to do
anything else with it once I left.

When I got home, I put the pile on my dining room table, made myself some lunch, and took care of some chores, all the time with my eye on the clock, anticipating my float session. 

I did the float session, had the first class with Rev. Denise, and found myself in the abyss that opened as a result.  That pile of stuff sat on my dining room table for several days at least.  A couple of times I moved it to the top of the cupboard because I needed the space on the table, but I never threw it out.  I never gave it much thought, either.

And then one night, around 11 PM, as I was rinsing out my teacup and getting ready for bed, my eyes drifted to that pile of stuff.  Normally, there's no way in the world I would have even thought of starting to mess with that stuff that late in the evening.  But something drew me to it, and I found a glue stick and a pair of scissors and began to work.  "I'll only spend a few minutes," I thought.  "Just get it started, and then I'll go to bed."  Next thing I knew, the board was done.

As I looked at it, the first thing I did was berate myself for doing it all wrong!  This was supposed to be a vision of the things I wanted in my life, whatever they might be.  But as I perused my board, there really weren't any things pictured: no new car, no vacations, no new clothes, no images of a woman with a smaller butt and leaner thighs! Nothing.  Just words, ideas, concepts.  What was I thinking?

But then I heard that God voice in my head:  "Look at it.  Really look at it.  What did you ask for?  What do you need right now?  What did you tell Rev. Denise you had lost?"  

As I listened to the words and stepped back from the table, what I saw on the board were words and images to inspire me!  I had asked Rev. Denise how I could get my inspiration back, and God had already been hard at work giving me exactly what I needed, even before I voiced the question, because these were words and images I had chosen before I even took that first class, before I ever asked the question, before I had even thought the question!  Sitting in front of me was a tool I could use to help me get my inspiration back. But until I refocused, until I looked at that board from a different perspective, I hadn't seen it.

I asked.  God provided.

I've got my inspiration board taped to the wall inside my walk-in closet, where I can see it every morning when I get dressed, and every evening when I undress, and whenever else I go in there to change shoes, or get the laundry out of the hamper.  At least once a day I intentionally stand there and read each of those statements as I send Reiki to all aspects of those images and concepts.  It only takes a few minutes of my time, but I can feel the energy surging through me and around me each time I do it.  And the feeling lingers long after I've moved out of the closet.

My inspiration board isn't the only tool I've been using to get me out of the abyss, but I do think it's one of the more powerful, just because I can see it and use it every day.  And the effects are obvious:  I'm more energized and focused; I'm more excited about my work than I've been since I moved to Nashville; I got some great Guidance about some new events to offer and scheduled them; I've gotten the paperwork to register my business in Tennessee, and I'm committed to completing the teleclass with Rev. Denise.  As that old refrain goes, 'I'm movin' on up!' and it feels great!